Posted by: manchucka | August 18, 2008

Race to the bottom: IOC vs. PRC…photo finish

First China vows to open access to media during the Olympics. Turns out that was a joke. Now the International Olympic Committee has sent its minions accross China to tape over unauthorized displays of the Olympic rings. Although the Chinese government has a substantial lead in the Douchebagoffery, the IOC is gaining ground. Who will reach the bottom first?


  1. Pasting up Olympic rings is small potatoes
    compared to Russia invading Georgia.

  2. . . or Georgia attacking South Ossetia. I think you may find, on reading more closely, that the situation is little more complex and messy [and with no innocent participants] than some western leaders would have you believe

    However, taping brand names is the work of BOCOG, not IOC.

  3. three chinese characters-

    Put it in context friend.

    Think the parallel- Tibet trying to break away from China. China then says, Whoa, that is part of us, we wont let our nation be chopped up.

    Georgia tried to return their own territory to their own nation, Russia invaded to steal it for themselves.

    Ring any bells?

  4. Hey 3 chinese characters-

    The finale of the Olympics was spectacular, well done China.

  5. @bat -“put it in context”, I am doing.
    Spend a while studying the history and then see how many simplistsic answers and solutions spring to mind. Personally I haven’t found any yet.

  6. Oh, no!

    The old “study history/simplistic answer” gamete.

    Rats. That ends discussion. OK, fare thee well.

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