Posted by: xindaya | July 29, 2008

Sickly-Green Olympics

We’re all really hyped up about the Olympics here at ESinophile Headquarters, so we’re going to do a few posts about the games.  Consider this the pollution post.

Here comes the Olympics!  Hooray, right?  Unfortunately, It seems that the air in and around Beijing, not to mention the waters around Qingdao, haven’t gotten the memo about the need for a harmonious particulate count.  Here’s are few reports after the jump:

Remember when it was all fun and games and chuckling at the attempted weather-controlling missiles? Oh, yeah, and Jon Stewart had a take on that one.

Most of the major and minor media have some kind of general take on the pollution situation, so I’ll just throw one out here as an example – Let’s say… a recent MSNBC post, just to add some variety to our linking. I would also be very sad if they word, “Greyjing” didn’t make it into our vocabulary.  I think it was the Guardian that coined it, but I could be wrong.

ESPN has some really good coverage in general, but their “Outside the Lines” program really did a great job with the pollution story.  Especially interesting is the suggestion that US athletes stay away from Beijing as long as possible and wear masks from the time of touchdown at the brand new shiny airport.  I wonder how that will be presented in the press.  Also, the very expected bit about how the government will skew the numbers to make sure there are ‘blue skies’ during the games, even if the pollution levels are too high. Here’s their video.

The New York Times, citing the China Daily, just put up a story about possibly adding even more pollution restrictions than previously planned, as it seems that as of now, Beijing still looks like Beijing in July – that is, orangy-grey.

We would be remiss in not mentioning the Qingdao waters that were particularly qing’ of late.  Also from the New York Times is an article about the massive algae bloom off the coast that might hamper the sailing events.  The BBC reports that the algae has been ‘successfully cleared,’ dated July 15th, but that seems to  only mean that they’ve cordoned off an area for the events.  The bloom is possibly blooming elsewhere.

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