Posted by: xindaya | July 19, 2008

Sidney Gamble Photography Collection

Again, there is a newly digitized collection of old China photos placed online for us to enjoy.  This time the danwei to be thanked is the Library at Duke University.  Consider my hat doffed to you, oh fine librarianites.  Outstanding photos at outstanding resolutions.  As I couldn’t say it any better, for background, I’ll make bold to nick their entire intro blurb:

From 1908 to 1932, Sidney Gamble (1890-1968 ) visited China four times, traveling throughout the country to collect data for social-economic surveys and to photograph urban and rural life, public events, architecture, religious statuary, and the countryside. A sociologist, renowned China scholar, and avid amateur photographer, Gamble used some of the pictures to illustrate his monographs. The Sidney D. Gamble Photographs digital collection marks the first comprehensive public presentation of this large body of work that includes photographs of Korea, Japan, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Russia. The site currently features photographs dated between 1917 and 1932; the 1908 photographs will be digitized and uploaded as part of future additions to the site.

More excellent  photos after the break:


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