Posted by: xindaya | July 15, 2008

I Didn’t See Waldo Either – The Olympic 10 Yuan Note

So, for the first time in roughly, forever, the friendly folks at your neighborhood Chinese bank have issued a new ten yuan note.  No biggie you say?  Take another gander.  Not only are they special Olympic notes, there’s no Mao anywhere to be seen on them!  Personally, I haven’t actually seen one in my hands though.  I’m suspecting that he’s hiding up at the top of the bird’s nest.  Hang on…  I think I need to take a closer look at that image from the other side after the jump…

Wow.  Well there you go.  I figured he would have gone out for swimming, but I guess that just shows what I know.  Oh, lots of folk are talking about this (MSNBC, and the usual suspects,, errr Sports Illustrated? [granted, that’s via AP, but still], and of course the official Olympic site. ).  Another fun point.  this ten yuan note can fetch over one thosand yuan.  Ya know.  Because it’s a limited edition collector’s item.  Wait until the Franklin Mint gets into China.

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