Posted by: xindaya | May 12, 2008

Chengdu/Wenchuan Earthquake

Just a quick note to put up a clearinghouse for some of the best news sources for information on the Chengdu Earthquake. We should probably be calling this the Wenchuan (汶川) Earthquake, but for the sake of the googlers, I’ll keep both placenames on the title and in the tags. Newest updates are on the top.

Updates 5/14

Updates 5/13 1:08 pm PST

  • New York Times’ The Lede blog discusses briefly the discontent in China about the overly celebratory images of the Olympic Torch immediately after the earthquake. (Via China Digital Times)
  • Again, Shanghaiist seems to have the best roundup in English.
  • One of the themes that is coming out of this that Shanghaiist among others ferrets out is the anger that is being expressed toward local governments for the assumed corruption that led to shoddy ‘tofu buildings.’ The Guardian has a representative piece
  • has an interesting article about possible warnings from nature – including the bizarre frog exodus that was covered (again) over at Shanghaiist.
  • Some, the Warrior Lawyer among them, are talking about the Tangshan Earthquake of ’76 and the Mandate of Heaven. Even Time Magazine published about omens regarding the Myanmar cyclone before the earthquake hit.
  • Some interesting thoughtfulness on the role of twitter yesterday by Digitalwatch
  • Via Imagethief, the Olympic torch will still run through Sichuan
  • A slide show of Reuters images from the Australian. (some fairly graphic)
  • As much as I dislike CNN’s “iReport” shtick, they’ve got some interesting images and videos here’s their tag for Earthquake, and here’s China

Updated5/12 9:01 PST

If I find any more interesting links, I’ll pass them on.

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