Posted by: manchucka | April 27, 2008

Alluring Alliteration Assures Appropriate Attitudes

There is no better place to turn for a good dose of truthmongering than our old friends at the People’s Daily. They’ve turned to the time-tested truthiness tactic of trying to trounce the teaming Tibetists with tricky turns of the tongue: “Tell You a True Tibet.” Next on the campaign: puns! Here are a few to start them off:

  • CafFARTY
  • Don’t “split” on me
  • Da-LIER Lama
  • Tibet’cher ass
  • 吸毒
  • 西脏

Happy in Tibet

Don’t believe the caption. She’s smiling at the puns.


  1. Hu’s the yak-tion man?

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