Posted by: niyalma | April 21, 2008

Chinese-Western calendar converter

Want to know the corresponding Gregorian calendar of the sixth day of the third month of the first year of Zhenyuan reign of Emperor Dezong of Tang? (You may have no interest to know it right know, but you will need this converter some day, eventually…) Roll down the menu, select the name of dynasty, emperor, date and time, then, “April 19, 785 C.E., Tuesday” is the answer you want.

This nice tool is designed by Academia Sinica in Taiwan. You can not only convert a specific date between the two calendars, but also get a calendar of a month, a year, or the whole reign.


  1. hi, I just want to converter my chinese day of birth which I was born on 25 th of november 1979 in chinese calendar. and I want to convert it the western calendar date. can u help please. thank

  2. Looks like the Western/Gregorian Calendar date would be Jan 12, 1980. There is a chart you can check here:

  3. 68th year of Taiwan, 10th month, 6th day.

    Taiwan because Academia Sinica is from Taiwan.

    ear por ngo:

    By saying “November” and “1979,” your are already using the western calender. The Chinese calendar would look like this: Reign year–month–day.

  4. You can also check here:

    Type in the date, it will convert between the Chinese calendar and Western one.

  5. To. ear por ngo
    Your Julian birthday is December 30, 1979 according to Western-Chinese Birthday Converter

  6. This Chinese-Western Calendar is not working and is dead. It has been removed from the original website as you can not input anything on the blank field to convert. Few weeks back it was working. It would be nice to keep it working because millions of chinese all over the world can use it for educational and personal needs. Anyway, someone posted the HK website the calendar conversion is working pretty well.

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