Posted by: manchucka | April 17, 2008

China to clear out students, refugees before Olympics?

We hope this is not true. It seems that foreign students studying in China have been given a much-needed break this summer and will certainly rejoice at the chance to go home and visit their parents ordered to leave during the Olympic games. No doubt the motives are pure and will do much to assuage the growing concerns about Beijing’s handling of the games. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Thanks, Duncan, for the tip.

UPDATE: (Via Xinhua) According to Wang Xuming 王旭明, spokesman for the Chinese Department of Education, this is untrue:

Relevant government departments and colleges and universities that accept foreign students have never demanded that foreign students leave China during the time of the Olympics or the Paralympics.




  1. Apparently, this is a fabrication, or at least a distortion of tighter visa regulations during the Games. Wouldn’t be the first time in Western media’s treatment of China.

  2. says this is untrue.

  3. Thanks Geir and 尼克. The post now reflects the official response from the Chinese Department of Education that appears to clear up any confusion.

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