Posted by: manchucka | April 15, 2008

Nationalism-off! Part 2: The anti-rally rally

In our ongoing series about who can be whipped up into the most frenzied nationalistic fervor, we consider the phenomenon of the anti-rally rally. In this case, a highly-organized contingent of Chinese students at the University of California, Los Angeles staged a rally to combat a pro-Tibet rally on April 15th, 2008. In the end, the Chinese students vastly outnumbered the pro-Tibet activists. We wonder aloud: is the anti-rally the new rally? And, whatever happened to the days when the disenfranchised and underprivileged staged rallies?

Below is a translated copy of an email sent out by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association to its members at UCLA.

Stick around after the letter for another picture and a video from the anti-rally rally.

“Anti Tibetan Independence Note”

Please everyone, earnestly attend to discipline, and with unity, calmness, good measure, and orderliness meet whatever events might transpire. It is imperative that everyone stays together; do not split apart, and if it happens that someone causes a disturbance, face them as a group, and meet them with calmness.

Women in particular must not move about by themselves or get into face-to-face arguments or interviews; nobody should get agitated, shout out slogans or curse at anyone.

As long as we attend to discipline, unity, and a great showing of the truth, our goals will be realized, and the conspiracies of others will come to no avail. They speak a thousand lies, we show a thousand truths.

Their lies are in fact a single word: “Fake.” Our truths are just a single word: “Real:” One China, hosting the Olympic games. Whatever they say or ask, we can simply use this to respond. We will issue forth, from our own hearts, the sound: “One China, hosting the Olympic games.” All other problems will be as easily solved as a length of bamboo is split after getting the blade in.

As long as we stick to our underlying principles, we will not easily fall into their premeditated trap.

Also, we students are all on an American campus, so we must abide by discipline and courtesy in treating others on campus, and demonstrate the good measure and rationality of us Chinese international students.

When using loudspeakers, be sure to use your discretion. You can’t teach others with a cudgel.

If you encounter the police, you should definitely obey and courteously do as you are told. No matter what, don’t struggle or resist. Stay as a group, be sure that no individual stands out, so as to avoid suffering losses.

The backbone of the activity is to gather together, and everyone must take the initiative to be on the defense and close ranks. Our policy is:
Be ordered, be effective, be tempered, move as one, and stick to having someone in place to prevent suffering unexpected injury.

original email attachment here

A video of students chanting “Lies! Lies! Lies!” in response to a pro-Tibet activist:



  1. They sound scared. They must have good training in demonstrations in China.

  2. It’s interesting that the campus newspaper at UCLA refers to this as impromptu and unorganized. It seemed clear that with all the signs and the huge inflatable olympic mascot that there was a great deal of preparation and organization.

    Daily Bruin Article:

  3. The instructions for participants are quite good. I say this as an experienced protester.

  4. … must … maintain … group mind …

  5. They are obviously drones of the comunist chinese governement and they do not represent the Chinese people.

    Just like the Sionists who do no represent the people of Israel or the Jew. Just like the War criminal George Bush who do not represent us. Just like the click in power in Iran do not represent the people of Iran. . . .

    Most chinese people do not care if Tibet is part of China or not since it does not do anything to them. Most Chinese people do not want Chinese tugs beatting torturing and killing pacific tibetan Monks and innocents Tibetan Children!

    The list of contries where a very small minority of bullies is terrorizing the entire population is unfortunatly very long and this have to stop and to stop right NOW!

  6. Why is it that when Chinese students have nationalistic rallies it’s called being brainwashed?

    What about all the other large scale protests or demonstrations by other ethnic groups? Would the ‘Million Man March’ be considered a tool for black leaders to gain more power? What about the ‘Day Without a Mexican’ movement? Or all that nationalistic outpouring after 9.11?

    It’s ethnic pride, plain and simple. All ethnicities have it and while I think it’s idiotic, it’s the idiocy of mass behavior that should be criticized, not the Chinese in particular.

  7. The Chinese in the coming years are going to be the most real threat to democratic process in the USA and the whole world.

    And we all are financing it by buying everything from them.

  8. All these pro-Tibet, anti-CNN arguments are conducted by westerners and Han Chinese, neither of whom like tsampa or yak buter tea. What a load of hot air.

  9. Anton,

    As a foreigner living in China, I can assure you that this nationalistic behaviour is actually quite common.

    Nationalism in China is dangerously high, and The CCP would actually like to restrain it a little bit.

    There are a lot os wrongs and paranoia in the Chinese way of seeing Western opinion, that’s true, but the West also gets a lot of things wrong in China.

  10. Those of you who read Chinese might like to take a look at another description of the UCLA protest here:

    The more we read, the better, I say. Even, and especially, when we disagree.

  11. This is political at the highest levels and that means one group against another, so there is no right or wrong. Might makes right, and in any country there are persecuted people, which in fact, neither side really cares about. Beware of people “pretending to care”, whether Western people for Tibet or Chinese for Africa. Tibetan and Africans are just a tool for US-China confrontation, which, unfortunately is gonna get worse. Don’t get involved unless u wanna be trampled.

  12. […] part three of our ongoing series, we turn toward the best kind of nationalism—needles in the head. Apparently, Dr. Wei Sheng […]

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