Posted by: manchucka | April 8, 2008

Tibet: 11 steps to manage an international kerfuffle

China hosted a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the recent events in Tibet. Our old pals at the Xinhua News Agency 新华通讯社 have the report. We are quick learners, and so we propose 11 simple steps to manage an international kerfuffle, all based on the press conference:

Step 1: Reassure the masses

向巴平措:拉萨生产生活秩序恢复正常 布达拉宫等景点已向游人开放
[Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region] Qiangba Puncog: Life in Lhasa has returned to normal in an orderly fashion and Potala Palace and other scenic spots have already opened to travelers.

Step 2: Claim benevolence

[Undersecretary of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party] Si Da: There is simply no way that we can allow a societal system in which more than 95% of the people had no personal freedom to come back in Tibet.

Step 3: Tally the damage/propose a fix

“3·14事件”使西藏损失近3亿元 政府6大措施解决群众困难
The events on 3/14 caused Tibet close to 300 million yuan worth of financial losses. The government has implemented 6 great steps to resolve the troubles of the people.

Step 4: Present an imagined unified front

参与打砸抢烧的只是极少数 根本不代表也代表不了西藏和西藏人民
There were just a few that took part in the beating, smashing, ransacking, and arson. In no way do they or are they able to represent Tibet or Tibetan people.

Step 5: Talk down to the lowly people

西藏各族群众普遍享受到改革发展成果 是真正的受益者
Each of the groups [that make up the] masses in Tibet all enjoy the fruits of reform and development–They are the true beneficiaries.

Step 7: Fan the flames of nationalism

All of the people of Tibet endorse and support the passing of the olympic flame through Tibet.

Step 8: Claim universal support for the ruling body

The great majority of people [that make up the] masses along with the monks all endorse the party and socialism.

Step 9: Show your soft side

向巴平措:为经济尽快恢复精心准备 大昭寺僧人没有受处罚
Qiangba Puncog: Meticulous preparations [are being made] for the speedy recovery of the economy. The monks of Jokhang temple have not been punished.

Step 10: Show your hard side/identify the enemy

Si Da: The fundamental reason for the failure of progress in talks is that those on the Dalai Lama side lack sincerity.

Step 11: Preempt outside media coverage

郭卫民:中国尽最大努力提供好的采访环境 希望外国媒体能客观报道
[Host of the talks] Guo Weimin: China is putting forth the greatest of effort to provide for a good environment for gathering news. We hope that the foreign press is able to report objectively.


  1. One more: Play your strong suite (economic development) and hide your weaknesses (protection of the Tibetan culture and religion, human rights and freedom, self determination, protecting the environment, and truthfulness)

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