Posted by: manchucka | March 27, 2008

Nationalism-off! Part 1: Fox News and People’s Daily, separated at birth?


In the spirit of the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing, we offer the first of a series of links that illustrate the state of nationalism in China and elsewhere. Watch this space for more such entries as individuals become increasingly bombastic in support of their countries. And what better way to judge the current state of nationalist fervor than to turn to our trusty news sources?

Fan of the fair and balanced coverage of Fox News? You just might like its cousin-in-law, the People’s Daily (rénmín rìbào 人民日报).

The following are recent headlines from the venerable People’s Daily, none of which have been taken from the editorial pages:

Crush “Tibet independence” forces’ conspiracy, People’s Daily urges

Expert: Lhasa riot reveals hypocritical features of Dalai clique

“藏独”分子暴力冲击我使领馆 (“Independent Tibet”-ists violently attack our embassies)

拉萨3.14打砸抢暴力事件纪实:执勤民警被不法分子围攻 (Report on the beating, smashing, and ransacking uprising on 3/14 in Lhasa: On-duty police were besieged by criminal elements)

西藏自治区主席向巴 措谈拉萨发生的打砸抢烧事件 (Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Qiangba Puncog, discusses the beating, smashing, ransacking and arson than occurred in Lhasa)

->excerpt:  这是由达赖集团有组织、预谋、精心策划煽动,境内外“藏独”分裂势力相互勾结制造的 。 (That the domestic and foreign “Independent Tibet”-ists colluded to split apart the authority was due to the Dalai cabal’s organization, premeditation, and meticulous scheme of instigation.)

“Jianti” and “fanti” are equally good

->why the script used in mainland China is just as good, if not better, than that used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and elsewhere

Chinese mainland donates blood stem cells to Taiwan compatriots

More countries congratulate newly elected Chinese leaders

->this just in: Hu Jintao reelected as president of China


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