Posted by: niyalma | March 16, 2008

Online Conversion of Chinese Measurement


Don’t take it wrong. This is not a common online conversion website that you can see on Google, Yahoo, MSN…. It is an awesome tool for Chinese historians and those who are confused with the units of measure in each dynasty. It does not merely contain charts of length, volume, and mass and leave you with annoying calculation; instead, all you have to do is to input a number and choose the dynasties and the units you plan to convert from/to, then… wait for 0.1 second, done!

The website “Shuiren ting 睡人亭” is produced by Yamada Takahito 山田崇仁, a lecturer of Ritsumeikan University in Japan.


  1. 10 mm = 0.421 寸[後漢]
    and here I thought that 10 mm was equal to .422 寸. Sheesh!

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