Posted by: xindaya | March 12, 2008

China Film Journal

This link shamelessly stolen from

China Film Jounral

In all honesty, I haven’t looked too deeply at the site, but from what I have seen, it’s really nice. Reviews of films and all sorts of good film-y news. I will admit that the template they are using is a bit wonky – It didn’t like Firefox much at first, but that problem seems better now*. There also seems to be a podcast there, but I wasn’t able to tease it into life. In any case, I’ve learned that the Chinese state has decided to protect its citizenry from the dangers that might come of seeing the actress Tang Wei (of Lust, Caution) in any television commercials.

* I take that back – I tried loading the page again in Firefox and the first story loaded, but then it hung. IE works ok, but renders a huge gap (with only the sidebar material) between the first and second story.


It looks like all is well on the browser compatibility front.  The site loads up buttery-smooth now.   Hmmm… Butter…



  1. Hey, thanks for taking a look at our new site. sorry to hear about the wonkiness…part of the strangeness might be because it’s not a blog format; the latest post stretches wide and the ones beneath that are automatically “shrunk” into summary form. This template has options that you can use to control the layout; if you want regular blog form (all posts, complete) you can do that too. I never checked how it looked with IE since i don’t have IE. I know there are some strange issues with Camino, but with Safari, Sunrise, and FF (3.0b4/OSX) it seems ok, at least most of the time. Let me know if it’s more than just an IE issue–not that I would necessarily know how to fix it; but still it’s nice to be aware of it. Thanks.

  2. No problems here with Firefox 3.0 b4

  3. I’m not sure if you changed anything, but it looks wonderful in Firefox 2.0 this morning. Thanks much for the great site!

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