Posted by: xindaya | February 27, 2008

Ming Shilu 明實錄

Ming Shilu Header

Who hasn’t caught themselves staring into a bowl of corn flakes wishing that they had an online translation of portions of the Ming Shilu? That’d be the Ming Shilu or the reign records for me and the rest of those of us who aren’t Ming Scholars. Anyway, pine away no more. Here it is.

The site is run by a gentleman in Singapore named Geoff Wade. Putting this up online is a wonderfully forward-thinking and liberal-minded act that puts the lie to the idea that all that scholars do is hoard their information lest someone else use it.

Now, he’s mainly interested in the Ming Shilu as a source for research in Southeast Asia, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason we shouldn’t be enjoying it as well. It’s searchable, browsable and all around impressive.


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