Posted by: xindaya | February 18, 2008

Lost? Find Yourself With 我要地图!

So, if you’re wanting to peek over the walls of the Zhongnanhai without the trouble of avoiding your friendly neighborhood Gong’an, Google Maps is probably your best bet. Proof?

View Larger Map

But what if you need help in a street-map sort of way? Say, you need help navigating the rat’s nest of streets in Shenyang just south of Beiling Park? Google’s streetmaps are woefully inadequate right now. Well, enter 我要地图! I can’t say for sure how accurate the maps are, but the Beijing and Shenyang ones look fairly good. What do you folks think? Oh, and here’s that map of Shenyang south of Beiling, in case you really did need it:
Shenyang Map


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