Posted by: Maura | February 17, 2008

Mapamania (中国古代史地图)


For those of you who have a weakness for old-fashioned maps with sad, faded colors and lively arrows that seem to indicate little if nothing intelligible at all – I’ve got a treat for you! It’s difficult to understand the inclination to collect and share maps if you’re not already an avid consumer, but perhaps I can convince some of you that having a map of the area of the Xia dynasty, or the Battle of Red Cliff (Su Dongpo could have used one!), or the Western travels of Tang Xuanzong is just the way to brighten up your day, or a powerpoint (for those of you who are not so hard core that you still refuse that particular modern amenity). These have been assembled by one Gang Guo at U of Miss, and there’s also a table of emperors that spans from the Xia to the Tang, if you want to create the worst in-class quiz ever. Happy mapping!

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