Posted by: xindaya | February 13, 2008

Boxun’s Photo Collection

Tangshan Earthquake

I’m still in a photography mood, and here’s the result for you: another photo site. This one is from Boxun, one of the many indistinguishable Chinese portal sites. Many of the photos, well, let’s charitably say they come from elsewhere. In fact many include a watermark or other tag from another site, but still, it’s a nice collection all in one place.

A couple of highlights after the jump:

Here are some pictures said to be from the Tangshan Earthquake (One example shown above).

More propaganda sketches like this one – poor Kongzi:

Kong Laoer

The famous kids standing on grain photo – no famine here!


And they’ve even got some earlier photos like this great shot of Li Hongzhang (it resized oddly, click away to see the larger photo):

Li Hongzhang


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