Posted by: manchucka | February 12, 2008

Find characters on the go with PlecoDict


We’re big fans of free software, but every once and a while one should splurge for something great. Enter PlecoDict, the dictionary for Palm and Windows Mobile devices that’s sure to rock your socks off. It’s a full-featured program that runs several dictionaries in both directions: Chinese-English, English-Chinese. It’s best feature is the ability to recognize hand-written characters, which it does quite forgivingly. Of note is the built-in flashcard manager—perfect for reviewing what you’ve recently looked up.

We recommend staying away from the 2.0 beta version for the time being and sticking with the regular release. 2.0 promises big things, and we have no doubt that they will deliver, but there are too many bugs in the beta right now to recommend it.

Try one of my flashcard sets, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches 天干地支, here. Rename .jpg to .zip.

Screenshots below

Palm wildcard search:


Windows Mobile search:


Palm radical search:





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