Posted by: manchucka | February 7, 2008

Dao found by German


Dr. Hilmar Klaus has an interesting, if quirky, site devoted to the Warring-States Daoist classic, the Daodejing 道德經. You will find the text in Chinese, pīnyīn, English, and two flavors of German (verbatim and poetic). Not enough for you? He’s got the all of the major versions of the text, from the standard Wang Bi 王弼 recension, to the dazzling archaeological treasures from Mawangdui 馬王堆 and Guodian 郭店. The hardcore will find use in comparing the different versions of the text, while the, uh, softcore, will find use in the translations. Everyone can gaze as the 1997-ish website design.



  1. Dao found by German:
    Thank you for alluding to my site, which is “designedly” designed in an old-fashioned “nostalic” style! 😉
    (but, perhaps not forever …).
    Nice comment on hardcore / softcore users!
    I am really sorry that your great sinophile is blocked in China.
    Best wishes, Hilmar (Klaus with K, please! There is another expert with C)

  2. Claus—>Klaus

  3. Cock

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