Posted by: xindaya | February 3, 2008

Chinese Fonts

I really enjoy a good font, but getting Chinese fonts can be a real hassle, and having too many Chinese fonts on your system can slow down your word processor. In any case, I’m always on the lookout for good quality reliable fonts. The University of Heidelberg has a page with a sampling of some really nice workaday fonts.

I’m particularly fond of these two which are, well, perhaps less practical for my purposes:

Another option is the Knowsky Font Archive. Their website seems to be only intermittently available (to me anyway), and is not very intuitively designed, but it’s no where near bad enough to stop you from getting some fonts when you can, just beware of all the red-herring links. Oh, yeah, they also have a capcha system and the fonts are in .rar archives. Again, not dealbreakers, but simply it just makes the journey a little longer. Might I suggest:

Mao Zedong Grass Script

Or perhaps a slightly more legible grass script with a spicy name?

They also has a few truly hideous creations using the Olympics and such. All in all, well worth the browse.

Edited to add: A handy reminder – If some of your fonts aren’t rendering all of the characters, chances are you are trying to use a simplified font while typing traditional characters or vice versa.

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